The WWBN Ecosystem

The Entities of the WWBN Ecosystem – WWBN Platform is supported by a foundation of interacting organizations and individuals.

The WWBN Ecosystem enables companies who provide goods and services of value to customers, who are themselves members of the ecosystem to thrive. The member organizations also include businesses, advertisers, advertising professionals, publishers, content owners/providers and service providers.

The WWBN ecosystem of technology companies, solution providers, and resellers who build upon and expand the capabilities of the Brightcove platform to support customers' unique video project needs. Partners generate new leads and drive revenue by associating with Brightcove's industry-leading products.

The function of the WWBN ecosystem is valued by WWBN partners because it enables them to move toward shared visions and to align their products and services in order to find mutually supportive roles. This scalable business model allows them to rapidly adapt and expand based on customer demand without slow, or capital-intensive investments. And enables them a market reach that they did not have before.

* Video Services Providers Low, medium and high end video production companies, do it yourself video products, video encoders, video editing, content providers, content syndicates, voice over professionals, actors, actresses, etc. can benefit from the many services WWBN makes available to our users.

* Hosting & CDN Service Providers Hosting, streaming, CDNs (content distribution networks), data centers, co-location, server farms, etc. can utilize our distribution network for their clients.

* Stock Photos Service Providers Customers have the ability to upload image files to producers. If you'd like to sell your image files to them we can help..

* Video Stock Footage Providers Customers have the ability to upload video footage to producers. If you'd like to sell your stock footage to them we can help.

* Flash & Web Development Providers Flash player developers, flash developers, web template developers, web developers, etc. can sell or create products for our customers.

* Video Platforms Video platforms, video sharing, etc. can benefit from the many distribution channels WWBN makes available

WWBN Technology Partners build complementary products, features, and services to meet the complex video needs of shared customers. From mobile apps to advertising networks to captioning to social sharing, our partners enable customers to do more with video than ever before.

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